What are Load Boxes, Attenuators, and Impulse Responses? | Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander


Expand your sonic horizons…

Valve amplifiers can get loud, REALLY loud! Sometimes it isn’t practical to crank up the volume control, no matter how good it sounds when you do.
Using powerful valve amps in modern live or studio environments is often a trade off between tone and volume, so what can we do to live in a world where both the guitarist and sound engineer can agree they have the best tone at the correct volume?

Load Boxes, Attenuators, Cabinet Impulse Responses: These terms turn up whenever the conversation of excessive volume is mentioned, but what are they?

Fortunately the new Waza Tube Amp Expander from Boss is all these things and more in one box, allowing us to take a good look at each concept in turn to find out what it is, why it might be necessary and finally what the WTAE seeks to do about it.

WTAE features 16 individual analogue reactive loads to get the ideal pairing to your valve amp.
An attenuator that is adjusted with a continuous volume control, giving the same tone at any level of loudness.
XLR stereo line out and a dedicated FOH out, each with a range of cabinet impulse responses to choose from, or load in your favourite third party IRs.
10 fully customisable ‘rigs’ where you can save any combination of IR, effects, EQ to be recalled later.
…and far more besides!