Pict 'Vintage Inspired Series' Single Coil Set

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Pict 'Vintage Inspired Series' Single Coil Set

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The ‘Vintage Inspired Series’ doesn’t seek to meticulously recreate the past, rather it combines attitudes of the 50s and 60s, adds modern sensibilities, producing a sound with all the character of the era without sacrificing the features or build quality expected by modern musicians.

Pict is a single coil set inspired by the rich heritage of Single Coil pickups.
Handwound as their ancestors were, these pickups provide a bright, spanky sound with the classic low output expected from early single coils.
A clean, modern aesthetic won’t leave these looking out of place on a new instrument, while the RWRP middle pickup affords noiseless operation in positions 2 and 4 of a 5-way selector switch.

Pict set is ideal for anyone wanting to get a more traditional sound out of a modern S-type guitar, without compromising contemporary benefits of today’s pickups.

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