CSGuitars currently offers various levels of video and social media promotion services to allow your brand and products to be seen by a passionate and dedicated audience of musicians. We plan to expand this list of services in the future, and we are happy to consider requests. For all business inquiries please contact the email address below:

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Gear reviews/demos

Demos and reviews of the latest and greatest gear always prove popular with the CSGuitars audience.
An entertaining, intelligent synopsis of the equipment with high quality sound samples and playing styles relevant to the equipment being demonstrated.

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Science/technology discussions

Focusing on a particular technical topic, these type of videos reach a wider audience than demos/reviews alone.
However, talking technical requires examples of equipment that make use of the science being discussed. Pairing these scientific discussions with specific gear acting as example is a strong strategy for selling the benefits of the equipment.

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Simply having gear in view, being used, and name dropped in a video largely unconnected to that specific piece of equipment can reinforce positive opinions and gain as much interest from the audience as a dedicated demo/review.
Long term association between your brand and CSGuitars is extremely beneficial.