Synergy Syn30


the Pre-amp swapping amplifier…

Synergy is a collaborative effort between many of the world's greatest amp designers.

The concept is pretty simple: Most amps have very similar power sections, output transformers and head shells, the main difference between amps is the pre-amp.
So why not make one really good head shell and power section, then make interchangeable pre-amp modules that can be swapped in and out.

This gives us the Syn30, a 30W valve amplifier which can take on the identity of many iconic amps simply by swapping the pre-amp.

The system comes in two sizes of amp Syn30 and Syn50, as well as Syn1 (which can be used as either a pre-amp injector for recording or an extra channel for your amp) and Syn2 (rack mount twin pre-amp studio tool)

Really useful for those guitarists, like myself, who just can't take to software solutions, but don't have the space or money to buy many high end amplifiers to get all the sounds they need.