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What is MIDI? An Introduction For Guitarists | Too Afraid To Ask

MIDI is a powerful tool, allowing us to control complex hardware and software easily, but what is it?

We take a look at a MIDI controller footswitch to see how MIDI can be utilised for guitars in this TATA video.

Dynamic vs Condenser Microphones: What’s The Difference?

Microphones are vital tools for studio and stage use, but what’s the difference between microphone types?

Join CSGuitars and Lewitt Audio as we demystify the construction and application of dynamic and condenser microphones.


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How Do Piezo Pickups Work? | Too Afraid To Ask

Piezo pickups: What are they? How do they work?

Join CSGuitars as we take a journey through the physics of the Piezoelectric effect, a strange phenomenon which allows us to squeeze electricity from crystals!

Revv D20 | The Most OP Lunchbox Valve Amp!

Whether you are Lawful Good or Chaotic Evil there is something for every adventurer on their quest for tone with the Revv D20.

Nashville cleans, embedded Two Notes Torpedo, and a pedalboard platform all in one tiny package.


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Best Tone from a Beginner Amplifier? | Fender Mustang LT25

Fender's Mustang LT25 is perhaps the best sounding and most intuitive digital practice amp out there.
Find out what this diminutive black box can offer with the latest CSGuitars review.

How Does A Floyd Rose Work? 7 Tiny Tatas

Floyd Rose bridges, F-Spaced pickups, speaker power ratings and the whatever happened to the CSFlute channel?
All these questions and more are tackled in the latest quickfire Too Afraid To Ask video.

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What are Load Boxes, Attenuators, and Impulse Responses?

Valve amps can get loud, load boxes, attenuators and impulse responses can help get cranked tone at usable volumes, but what are these things? We take a look at the Tube Amp Expander from Boss to find out more.

What’s Inside Lipstick Pickups? | Too Afraid To Ask

Surf Rock’s most jangly sound maker is under the microscope in this TATA video. What will we find under that chrome lipstick cover?

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Etched Brass Upgrades | Gibson Gothic Flying V

The Gibson Gothic Flying V receives a swathe of new upgrades. Check out the sick new look with this video.

presence: what does it do? | Too Afraid To Ask

You might think you know your amp controls, but Presence is still a mystery to many.

Learn about this power section feedback loops and how this unique control affects the high frequency content of your amp with this TATA video.

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