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How Does A Floyd Rose Work? 7 Tiny Tatas

Floyd Rose bridges, F-Spaced pickups, speaker power ratings and the whatever happened to the CSFlute channel?
All these questions and more are tackled in the latest quickfire Too Afraid To Ask video.

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What are Load Boxes, Attenuators, and Impulse Responses?

Valve amps can get loud, load boxes, attenuators and impulse responses can help get cranked tone at usable volumes, but what are these things? We take a look at the Tube Amp Expander from Boss to find out more.

What’s Inside Lipstick Pickups? | Too Afraid To Ask

Surf Rock’s most jangly sound maker is under the microscope in this TATA video. What will we find under that chrome lipstick cover?

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Etched Brass Upgrades | Gibson Gothic Flying V

The Gibson Gothic Flying V receives a swathe of new upgrades. Check out the sick new look with this video.

presence: what does it do? | Too Afraid To Ask

You might think you know your amp controls, but Presence is still a mystery to many.

Learn about this power section feedback loops and how this unique control affects the high frequency content of your amp with this TATA video.

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Coil Tap vs Coil Split | Too Afraid To Ask

Coil Tap and Coil Split are terms often used interchangeably when referring to guitar pickups.

This is incorrect as there is quite a distinction between them. This TATA video seeks to resolve this case of mistaken identity.


headroom: the secret of tone | low vs high power amps

Power isn’t all about volume, in fact you might want more power for the tone!

Learn about Headroom and understand how to chose amplifier power to suit your sound.

‘Target Mids’ Now available!

The long awaited CSGuitars pedal is now here! Target Mids is a single band parametric EQ focusing on the most important frequencies for guitar: The midrange.
Handmade by renowned pedal manufacturer Airis Effects in Ontario, Canada, Target Mids features high quality, low tolerance components and the rock solid build quality that will stand up to a lifetime of abuse.
You can grab yours now from Airis Effects webstore: